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Ironclad GPS Tracking's Use of Emails & Business Information

This is the privacy policy of New Zealand GPS tracking solutions provider, Ironclad GPS Tracking Limited.

Ironclad GPS Tracking Limited
PO Box 147037
Auckland 1011
New Zealand

Ironclad GPS Tracking's website is located at:

You can contact Ironclad GPS Trackers by phone on: 021 1408629

You can contact Ironclad GPS Trackers via email

Data Collection

Ironclad GPS Trackers collects email addresses from:

  • People making enquiries
  • People requesting information and advice

Ironclad GPS Trackers collates this information to:

  • Enable them to respond to enquirers
  • Send out information and advice as requested
  • No information is shared or sold to any third party company. Ironclad GPS Trackers will immediately remove you from their database, if requested to do so.


Ironclad GPS Tracking uses cookies on its website to enable user login, use of its GPS data and access to historical records.

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